We assist health and social care providers to grow, financial investors to make money and commissioners to get more for what they spend.

We do this through old-school strategic consulting, knowing our sector from real experience and being up-to-date with recent developments.

Our work can be external market or trends research, or internal strategy development within a combined team.

We offer healthcare strategy consultancy focusing on private hospitals, elderly and social care, and special education as well as local authorities and the NHS.

We provide knowledgeable, fact-based insight to make the right choices and implement strategies successfully.

What We Do

Does this acquisition or investment make sense?

Can we validate management and vendor product and market claims?

‘What do we have to believe’ for a bid-winning valuation?

Can we educate investors on the investment potential?

Work with management to identify opportunities.

Establish whether barriers to growth are external or internal.

Develop implementation plans.

Follow-up workshops and analyses.

About 50:50 in engagement volume, transaction support is 2/3 of revenues.

2-6 weeks engagement length so accustomed to working at speed.

Most corporate work comes directly or indirectly through our long term client relationships with investors.