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The fourth edition of our review of the UK’s primary care dentistry market, currently worth £5.9bn a year. Fourth edition. Published 16 April 2014. (170pp) NB Digital Files Only

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On the back of a period of sharp contraction, private dentistry is now better placed to continue its road to recovery. As a mature market its underlying driver is the economic cycle, and general projections for a stable period of positive GDP growth of 2.5% per annum over the next 4 to 5 years confirm more favourable conditions for growth going forward.”Philip Blackburn  – Report author


The fourth edition of this LaingBuisson report provides the definitive review of the UK primary care dentistry market, currently worth £5.9bn per annum. This dynamic market remains in a state of flux as government spending on NHS dentistry under a new commissioning structure and continued austerity, is yet to show its hand, and the private dentistry market looks to bounce back following its contraction during the economic depression.

Dentistry UK Market Report analyses NHS and private primary care dentistry demand and supply as it stands, and provides unique market statistics on dentistry spending by government and by individuals in the UK, the latest for 2013/2014, and offers expert insight about future trends which are to shape the primary care dentistry market and key data projections.


LaingBuisson LaingBuisson + Authoritative Commentary & Analysis On UK dentisty key market spending

  • Demand for dentistry
  • NHS  Dentistry
  • Private dentistry trends
  • Impact of government policy
  • Dentist supply trends
  • Corporate penetration & profitability


What You Get

  • Hard copy printed report
  • Single-user digital back up PDF
  • Accompanying Microsoft Excel file.


Report Format

Executive Summary & Highlights

  • Market trends and dynamics
  • NHS & private dentistry demands
  • Key market components
  • Supply trends
  • Future prospects

Demand for Dentistry

  • Patient benefits
  • Penetration of dentistry demand
  • Spending on services (per capita estimates)
  • Future demands

NHS Primary Care Dentistry

  • Spending comparisons by country
  • NHS primary care dentistry in England, Scotland, Wales & Health Service dentistry in Northern Ireland
  • Activity – registrations, patients seen, treatments
  • Spending – NHS and private
  • Regional analysis

Government Policy

  • Review of Coalition reforms for dentistry, and future prospects
  • New CQC regulation
  • Historical review of government policy – Conservatives & Labour
  • Government policies in Scotland, Wales & NI Private

Primary Care Dentistry

  • Private dentistry demand trends
  • Factors which influence private demand
  • Private supply trends
  • Future trends & prospects

Dental Plans

  • Key statistics on volumes, spending & price inflation
  • Market players & profiles

LaingBuisson’s Survey of Primary Care Dental Practitioners

  • Key survey results – average patient activity & gross fees across dentists
  • Growth in NHS and private activity
  • Average dental practice (chairs and occupancy)
  • Availability of private dental capitation plans

Supply of Dentists

  • Key supply statistics – dentists practicing in the UK
  • NHS primary care dentists – growth trends, regional supply, dentist penetration by region
  • Dental education – undergraduate application trends, student trends
  • Dental workforce projections
  • Dental care professionals & dental specialists
  • Income & profitability of primary care dentists – official figures and LaingBuisson estimates

Corporate dentistry

  • History pre- and post-2006
  • Size of corporate dentistry market
  • Growth between 2010 & 2014
  • Past & future consolidation trends
  • New corporate entrants
  • Financing and profitability of corporate dentistry
  • Detailed profile of more than 30 leading dentistry groups

Office of Fair Trading

  • Review of the recent investigation of Dentistry by the OFT

Financial Appendix

  • Detailed analysis of the statutory accounts of major providers


Exclusive LaingBuisson Tables & Figures Include:

  • bar graphsValue of primary care dentistry in the UK by sector, 1981/82 – 2013/2014 (including 3-year 2016/2017 projection)
  • Value of primary care dentistry in the UK by spending sector, 1989/90 – 2013/14 at constant 2013/14 prices
  • Real growth of UK primary care dentistry (NHS & private), 1989/90 – 2013/14
  • Spending per capita on primary care dentistry in the UK, 1988/89 – 2013/2014, at constant 2013/2014 prices
  • Real spending growth on NHS primary care dentistry by NHS & patients in England,1990/91 – 2012/13
  • NHS patients seen in the previous 24 months at 31 March 2010 and at 31 March 2013 as a proportion of the population, by Strategic Health Authority in England
  • Total spending on NHS primary care dentistry in Scotland, patients registered for NHS treatment, and patients participating, 2003/04 – 2012/13
  • Total spending on NHS primary care dentistry in Wales, patients seen and courses of treatment, 2006/2007 – 2012/2013
  • Gross spending on Health Service primary care dentistry in Northern Ireland, patients registered for Health Service Treatment, & Health Service treatments 2006/2007 – 2012/2013
  • Percentage of total patients in the UK treated on the NHS and treated privately, 1978 – 2013
  • Private primary care dentistry spending in the UK by funding source, 2013/14
  • Number of dental plan subscribers, people covered, subscriptions earned and claims paid, UK 2003-2012 (including 3-year 2015 projection)
  • Company paid and individually paid dental plan subscribers and subscriptions earned, UK 2003-2012 ‘(including 3- year 2015 projection)
  • Availability of private dental capitation plans in dental practices, and reasons for not offering a plan, November 2013
  • Dentists contracted to provide NHS primary care dentistry by country, 1985 –2013
  • Estimated revenues and revenue market shares of corporate dentistry groups, including NHS and private market shares, for 2013/2014
  • ‘Then and Now’ – Top 40 UK corporate dentistry capacity (practices and dentists) by group & area of coverage including dentist market shares, at October 2010 & February 2014
  • Corporate consolidation acquisitions in the 2000s and 2010s
  • Sale of the Top 4 corporate dentistry groups in the 2000s and 2010s
  • Revenue and pre-tax profit/ (loss) of leading corporate dentistry groups in the UK, 2012/2013

Plus many more…