Extra Care and Retirement Communities. 14th Edition


The latest update of LaingBuisson’s comprehensive study into extra care services – with a widened remit covering retirement communities. Published 13 October 2016. (369pp)


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Many of the factors required for extra care housing to ‘take off’ are all in place.”
Phillip Mickelborough  – Report author


A market poised for growth

Extra care housing, or retirement housing with integrated care, has long threatened to hit it big. Straddling as it does the dual markets of property and social care, it’s a model both rich with investment possibilities and the scene of great innovation in residential care.

Yet despite it being a model with clear appeal to UK baby boomers who want to maintain a foothold in the property market while locking in the security of support services which will grow alongside needs, it’s an area which continues to play a minor supporting role in care.

LaingBuisson’s report is an exhaustive review of this market looking at regulated forms of housing, analysing the ways in which extra care is indirectly regulated, considering the factors which will influence demand and reviewing the various funding streams which make it possible to build and operate this model of care and support.

Drawing upon proprietary research and data sources the report provides an invaluable picture of the current market, detailed trend analysis and expertise on the next steps for extra care.


Exclusive LaingBuisson + Authoritative Commentary & Analysis On

      • Integrated housing with care
      • Care villages
      • Assisted living
      • Very sheltered housing
      • Retirement communities
      • Private retirement schemes


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Report Format

Executive Summary & Highlights

          • Defining the market
          • Market volume
          • Market value

Integrated Housing with Care

          • What is extra care housing
          • Pros and cons
          • Particular forms
          • Dementia
          • Remodelling
          • Extra care, care homes and dispersed homecare
          • Extra care housing and health

Other Housing for Older People

          • Classifying housing for older people
          • Sheltered housing and private retirement housing
          • Wardens in sheltered housing
          • Other forms
          • Standards
          • Supporting People

Models of Extra Care Housing

          • Profiles of 22 facilities
          • Retirement villages in the UK


          • Extra care
          • Homecare
          • Registration of staff
          • Homes and Communities Agency
          • Trade and residents’ organisations
          • Planning consent
          • Tenancies and tenure

Market size and Growth

          • Extra care and other housing for older people
          • Housing with support but not care
          • Market value

Recent Local Developments in Extra Care

Structure of the Industry

          • Managers of extra care
          • Rented housing for older people owned by RPs
          • Private retirement and extra care housing
          • Major provider profiles

Demand for Extra Care

          • Demographic change in the UK
          • Household projections
          • Staffing
          • Underlying trends in social care

Local and Central Government Policies and Practice

          • Review of sheltered and supported housing
          • The Care Act 2014
          • Changes to access to care packages
          • Self-directed care
          • Free nursing and personal care

Funding Extra Care

          • Housing Benefit and LHA
          • The role of Welfare Benefits
          • Personal social services funding in England
          • Charging for local authority domiciliary care
          • Supporting People programme grant
          • Government capital funding
          • Private equity capital funding
          • Private funding
          • Affordability
          • Purchasing private extra care housing from capital
          • The UK general housing market
          • Forms of private ownership

Costs and prices

          • Prices for private extra care and retirement housing
          • Law Commission review of event fees
          • Rents charged by RPs for supported housing
          • Living cost of extra care housing
          • Capital cost of extra care housing
          • Comparing the cost of extra care with other care packages

Financial Appendix

          • Detailed analysis of the statutory accounts of major providers



Exclusive LaingBuisson Tables & Figures Include

          • bar graphsFacilities of seven extra care schemes
          • Reasons for leaving extra care housing
          • Percentage of households across occupancy rating and tenure categories, England and Wales
          • Difference from the bedroom standard by age band, England, three year average 2009/10 to 2011/12
          • Annual fees for CQC registration of domiciliary care providers for 2015/16
          • Number of local authority and RP supported lettings by tenancy type 2013/14
          • Housing with care for older people by region and tenure in England 2015
          • Housing with care for older people by tenure in England 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015
          • Housing with care for older people per 1,000 people aged 75+, by region and tenure England 2015
          • Housing with care for older people, by English ceremonial county, 2015
          • New housing with care schemes & units in England, 2001–2015
          • Extra care units funded by the Extra Care Housing Fund 2004/05 to 2009/10 Housing with support for older people by region and tenure in England 2015
          • Housing with support for older people, by English ceremonial county, 2015
          • Housing with support for older people, England 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015
          • New housing with support units in the UK 1980–2015 Number of local authority and RP supported lettings by tenancy type

Plus many more…


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