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A significant refresh of LaingBuisson’s comprehensive study into the housing with care market. First edition. Published 13 December 2017. (360pp)


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“The UK’s older population is growing strongly, has unmet care needs and far higher wealth, income and aspirations than previous generations. This demographic change is a predictable and reliable source of growth for housing with care; unlike the dependence of care homes on the numbers of those nearing the end of their lives. Earlier personal and informal care improves and lengthens healthy lives and avoid costs for local authority commissioners, who see ‘extra care’ as residential care at modern-day standards. Housing with care should be a substantial part of the answer for what the Government calls ‘our broken housing market’ but it needs leadership to provide supportive legislation.

Adam Scott, Nael Taylor and Katie Birnie
– Report authors


Could a flourishing Housing with Care market mend our broken housing market?

Compared to markets such as Australia and New Zealand, the housing with care market in the UK is relatively underdeveloped. Yet, with the right offering it provides a viable alternative to remaining in their family home for our ageing population who want to downsize and maintain their independence for as long as possible. Housing with care is a vital part of the health and social care solution, creating tangible savings for local authorities and health services. Individuals who retain their independence generally decline more slowly and have less health issues.

Consequently, there are clear opportunities for developers and care providers in this market. There is a substantial mid-market opportunity reliant on an event fee revenue model which looks promising for investment if offered with guaranteed fee levels. Also, while the Local Housing Allowance will apply to rentals from 2019, this is also a market that has expanded. Already the market is showing healthy growth, the number of units available across the market in 2017 rising by 8% to over 73,000.

Continued success will depend on operators providing the quality of care, service and accommodation that meets the expectations of their respective target markets. There is a clear opportunity for the market, but to grasp it, they must convince the older population of the benefits to them.

This brand new report from LaingBuisson is a significant re-valuation of the market previously covered in our Extra Care and Retirement Community market report (last published in October 2016) and includes latest figures from the Elderly Accommodation Counsel.


What the report covers

  • Market and demand drivers
  • Revenue
  • Operating and investment models
  • Sector size, growth and performance
  • Sector players
  • Investors
  • Advisory organisations
  • Government policy and regulation
  • Market potential
  • Financial Appendix

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