Medical Travel & Tourism Global Market Report


LaingBuisson’s new study into the global medical travel market. First edition. Published 20 November 2018. (153pp)


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“The concept of medical tourism is not a new one. The earliest locations for international ‘healthcare’ treatments were the mineral-rich thermal springs around the Mediterranean which were thought to improve wellbeing. The Sumerian built amenities around these hot springs as early as 4000 BC… A combination of many factors has led to the recent increase in popularity of medical travel in the 21st century: the high cost of healthcare in industrialised nations, the ease and affordability of international travel, and the improvement of technology and standards in many countries in the world .


Unique global oversight of an international market

Global medical tourism is increasing annually. What is changing rapidly is each country’s share of the total market, and the nature of medical tourists that they are attracting. Countries thought of as suppliers of medical tourists – the US, China, Russia and the Gulf nations – are turning the tables and becoming major destinations.

This new report discusses the dynamics of medical tourism, providing insights into the supply chain, business models, products and the targeted consumer, and how the rise of medical tourism portals is having an effect. The report includes an additional section on the impact of Brexit on cross border healthcare from the UK.

Reasons to buy

Trying to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of medical tourism is a challenge for every destination and healthcare provider involved in the international patient business.

Organisations must refine their medical tourism strategy in response to a changing market. To do that, they need to know the latest on which countries are doing well or badly, who is going where, the treatments they are seeking, why they are going there, and how political, economic, social and technological change are impacting the medical tourism market.

The Medical Travel and Tourism global market report provides extensive insight into what is happening now, and what the future trends may be. In addition to the report, purchase includes online access to IMTJ’s constantly updated Country Profiles: a unique database giving a high end overview of healthcare systems and services while also listing up to date statistics on population, healthcare workforce, healthcare expenditure/provision/activity and the values of both inbound and outbound medical tourism.


What the report includes

  • Overview
  • International Medical Tourism
  • Global Figures
  • Top 20 Medical Tourism Destinations
  • Top 25 Outbound Sources
  • Top 20 Health and Wellness Destinations
  • International, Regional and Domestic Market Commentary
  • Agencies and Facilitators
  • Customer Profiles
  • Products and Services
  • Insurance
  • Cross-Border Healthcare
  • Appendices include
    International Organisations
    Top ten country profiles
  • PLUS
    Access to IMTJ’s constantly updated online Country Profiles (including the Medical Travel Directory database) – a unique database of country profiles giving a high-end overview of healthcare systems and services which also lists up to date statistics on population, healthcare workforce, healthcare expenditure, provision and activity and the values of both inbound and outbound medical tourism. There are profiles of 188 countries and these are updated with news and analysis specific to each country throughout the year. The Medical Travel Directory also gives the names of hospitals, clinics and associations active in medical tourism by country



Who is the report for

  • C-suite professionals working in healthcare markets around the world
  • Hospital and clinic groups operating internationally
  • Travel agents
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Investors and private equity
  • Insurers
  • National government policy-makers
  • Lawyers
  • Policy advisors
  • Think tanks
  • Management consultants


What You Get

      • Digital package – Multi-user Digital PDF and Data in Excel + Printed Hard Copy
      • PLUS log in for IMTJ’s Country Profiles


LaingBuisson is the chosen provider of independent sector healthcare market data to the UK government’s Office for National Statistics.

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Multi-user Digital PDF + Printed Hard Copy, Single-user Printed Hard Copy