Primary Care & Out Of Hospital Services Market Report


The second edition of our report on a wide range of services which have important interconnections and synergies for independent sector providers looking to build a portfolio of activities which work as part of the general direction towards integration and community-based provision. Second edition. Published 20 January 2015. (310pp) NB Digital Files Only

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Report Contents & Figures


Integration is high on the NHS agenda. This report looks at platforms upon which integration might be built in the future.”
William Laing  – Report author


The second edition of this exclusive LaingBuisson report covers an apparently disparate range of healthcare markets: General practice and other primary medical care; Community health services; Out of hospital secondary care services (incorporating healthcare at home, teleheath and disease management); and Occupational health services.

Our wide-spanning analysis, however, identifies a number of important interconnections and potential synergies for independent sector providers which will support those operators already building a portfolio of activities across several of these markets as well as pointing interested operators in the right direction.


Exclusive LaingBuisson + Authoritative Commentary & Analysis On

  • NHS General Practice / Private General Practice / Private Medical Care
  • Out of Hours GP & Urgent Care Services
  • Occupational Health & Community Health Services
  • Home Healthcare
  • Prison Healthcare
  • Out of Hospital Services
  • Telecare & Telehealth
  • Disease Management
  • End of Life care
  • Sub-Acute Care


What You Get

  • Digital report in the form of a fully-searchable PDF
  • Accompanying Microsoft Excel data



Report Format

Executive Summary & Highlights

  • Unifying themes and key conclusions
  • Scope & market scale
  • Key market components
  • Government policy and funding overview
  • Future prospects

Market Scope & Scale

  • Out-of-hours and urgent care
  • Investment in primary care premises
  • Privately funded primary medical care
  • Occupational health
  • Community health services
  • Prison healthcare
  • Out of hospital services
  • Home healthcare
  • Telehealth and telecare
  • Disease managements
  • End of life care
  • Sub acute and complex needs care and rehabilitation
  • Whole pathway commissioning and provision

Government Policy & Funding Overview

  • The NHS funding outlook and the Nicholson (productivity) challenge
  • The Health and Social Care Bill, the NHS reforms and the independent sector’s role
  • Any qualified provider, and traditional tendering
  • Spending – NHS and private
  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Primary Medical Care

  • Regulation of primary medical care
  • Publicly funded general practice & GP contracts
  • Government initiatives to outsource primary medical care
  • Winners, losers, key players & lessons from outsourcing initiatives
  • Current challenges, opportunities and future scenarios

Occupational Health

  • Legislation, regulation and government policy
  • Market size, drivers and trends
  • Demand ‘push’ factors; demand ‘pull’ factors
  • Key players
  • Business failures in the occupational health sector

Community Health & Out of Hospital Services

  • NHS Community health services
    • Community health services market size and structure
    • Market structure and trends
    • Pace of penetration by independent Sector providers
  • Prison healthcare
    • Market size & commissioning
  • Out of hospital services
    • Drivers of migration of healthcare services from hospital to community settings
    • Alternative routes to integrated healthcare
  • Home healthcare
    • Funding of home healthcare
    • Market size and trends for home healthcare
  • Home healthcare

Financial Appendix

  • Detailed analysis of the statutory accounts of major providers



Exclusive LaingBuisson Tables & Figures Include:

  • Not-for-profit providers of out-of-hours and urgent care servicbar graphses
  • Share of NHS GP premises market controlled by Primary
  • Health Properties, Assura Group and Octopus Healthcare (incorporating MedicX)
  • Private GP consultations as % of all GP consultations, Great Britain 1990 – 2009
  • Breakdown of PCT expenditure on primary, community and other secondary health services and independent sector share of expenditure, England 2009/10
  • Expenditure on medical and psychiatric care for prisoners in the publicly run prisons in England 2003-04 to 2010-12
  • HS expenditure by broad cost centre, England 2012-13
  • Breakdown of NHS GP practices by type of contract, England 2013
  • Trends in GP practices operated by limited companies, England 2009-2013
  • Trends in the profile of NHS GPs by gender and partner/salaried status England
  • Expenditure on NHS general practice in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland 2003-2013 (including GP dispensing costs)
  • Expenditure on NHS general practice, gross value and as value a percentage of all NHS expenditure, England 2003/04 – 2012/13
  • Patient reported GP and nurse consultations in general practice, England 2009-14
  • Distribution of GP practice sizes, England 2004-13
  • NHS expenditure on out-of-hours services England 2004/05 – 2012/13
  • Figure 5.10 Profitability of out-of-hours providers, EBITDA as a percentage of revenue
  • NHS GP premises costs (including rent allowance for owned premises) UK 2004/05 – 2012/13
  • Distribution of GP premises by type (new purpose-built or not) and penetration by three major specialist property investment groups
  • Penetration of NHS general practice premises market in UK by 3 major specialist property investment groups: contracted annual rent (2014) as a share of NHS GP premises costs (2012/13)
  • Penetration of NHS general practice premises market in UK by 3 major specialist property investment groups plus NHS Property Services Ltd : asset value (2014) as a share of estimated
  • NHS GP premises asset value (2012/13)
  • Private GP market size 2014 and share of private and public markets combined
  • Profitablity of occupational health service providers, EBITDA as a percentage of revenue
  • Expected market share of NHS commissioned community health services in England by provider type by the end of 2011
  • Moving annual total of non-elective (emergency) admissions to NHS hospitals in England
    Addressable market size (numbers of users) for telehealth and disease management services, UK 2011

Plus many more…