Private Acute Medical Care. 4th Edition


Fourth edition of LaingBuissons’ comprehensive report on the state of the UK independent acute medical hospital sector, and private acute services offered by the NHS. Published 12 October 2016. (232pp)


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“There are favourable drivers for UK private acute medical care hospitals and clinics going forward but also significant risks on the horizon. However, demand for self-pay private acute medical care is expected to continue its strong growth path in 2016 despite any adverse impacts from the Brexit decision.Philip Blackburn  – Report author


A market with structural growth opportunities

Worth over £6 billion last year, the private acute medical care market has in recent years benefited from growth in the self-pay market, strong NHS spending and a healthy international funding stream – as comprehensively detailed in this update to Private Acute Medical Care.

However, while a cyclical high in the proportion of long-waits triggered wider interest in the market, core historic market drivers saw their growth decelerate last year. The largest funding source for independent sector acute hospitals and clinics, private medical cover payouts grew only marginally in real terms during the past 12 months holding back stronger growth for the sector. Although NHS purchasing through patient choice continued its progressive growth trend, there was a noticeable drop in local ‘spot’ contract business with the NHS to clear waiting lists, as Trusts kept more work in-house following the removal of waiting list penalties for those in deficit. Meanwhile revenues from international patients increased more modestly as a wider field of global competitors opens up.

Nonetheless, a good amount of new capacity has entered in the past 24 months or so, and equally a number of new facilities are due to come on stream in the near future.

A growing trend towards outpatient care continues, as incumbent hospital groups and new providers develop wider diagnostics and treatment facilities on sites removed from hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment.

There are favourable drivers for UK private acute medical care hospitals and clinics going forward but also notable risks on the horizon. Drawing upon proprietary research and data sources this market report from LaingBuisson provides an invaluable picture of the current market, detailed trend analysis and expertise on the future of private acute medical care across the UK.

This market report from LaingBuisson covers the provision of acute medical care services by private (non-NHS) providers, and the provision of private acute medical care services by NHS providers within Private Patient Units (PPUs).


Exclusive LaingBuisson Data + Authoritative Commentary & Analysis On

  • Key market statistics
  • Current trend analysis
  • Funding dynamics
  • Provider market shares
  • Structural changes
  • Future scenarios


What You Get

  • Standard Package – Single-user Printed Hard Copy
  • Digital Package – Multi-user Digital PDF and Microsoft Excel files + Printed Hard Copy


Report Format

Executive Summary & Highlights

  • Market trends and dynamics
  • Future prospects

Private Acute Medical Care Overview

  • Scope of report
  • Market value and key components
  • Growth trends
  • Market structure
  • Major operators

Independent Acute Medical Hospitals & Clinic – Funding

  • Private medical cover
  • NHS purchasing
  • Self-pay private patients (including cosmetic surgery)
  • Other overseas patients

Independent Acute Medical Hospitals – Market Structure

  • Market capacity
  • New market capacity, market entrants and exits
  • Revenue market shares of major hospital groups
  • Profiles of major independent acute medical care operators (including cosmetic surgery & diagnostics)
  • Revenue and profitability of major operators

NHS Private Patients

  • Market revenues, capacity, activity and growth
  • Breakdown of activity by region
  • Market shares by Trust
  • Prospects going forward


  • Inpatient and daycase activity by funding source
  • Independent acute activity as a share of all NHS & Independent acute activity


  • Consultant supply and private practice
  • Future supply

Political Environment

  • The NHS under the Conservatives
  • History, 1973 – 1997
  • New Labour
  • The Coalition government – reforms in action


  • Care Quality Commission
  • Monitor and NHS Improvement
  • Competition investigation

Futures for Private Patient Acute Medical Care

  • Optimistic, Neutral and Pessimistic Scenarios

Financial Appendix

  • Detailed analysis of the statutory accounts of major providers


Exclusive LaingBuisson Tables & Figures Include

  • bar graphsPrivate acute medical care hospital market value (independent acute medical hospitals and clinics and NHS private patients) in the UK, 2003-2015
  • Private patients only hospital market value (independent acute medical hospitals and clinics’ private patients and NHS private patients) in the UK, 2003-2015
  • Independent acute medical hospitals and clinics UK market value, and revenues by purchaser, 2003–2015 and 2016 projection
  • Private medical cover persons covered, payouts (claims paid), and average price for medical insurance policy, 1995–2015
  • NHS purchasing of UK independent acute medical care services, 2003–2015 and 2016 projection
  • NHS funded hospital admissions for acute medical care in the independent sector in England, 2004/05–2015/16
  • NHS funded admissions treated by independent sector (IS) providers by type of speciality in 2014/15 – specialty share, proportion of all NHS admissions, and annual growth
  • NHS funded (provider based) diagnostic procedures carried out by the independent sector in England, 2009/10–2015/16
  • Private self-pay spending on acute medical care services in independent sector hospitals and clinics in UK, including non-cosmetic and cosmetic split, 2003–2015 and 2016 projection
  • Proportion of self-financed treatment episodes in independent hospitals for 1981–1997/98 (England and Wales), 2001–2015 (UK)
  • Regional share of UK ‘mainstream’ independent acute medical care hospitals, share of overnight bed capacity, and share of operating theatres, June 2016
  • Independent acute medical care hospitals and beds, UK 1982–2016
  • Capacity of major acute medical care hospital operators by number of overnight hospitals, overnight (inpatient) beds, and total operating theatres (OTs) in all facilities, June 2016
  • Top 20 independent acute medical care hospital providers by revenue, 2010–2015 (calendar year unless otherwise stated), and 2015 market share
  • Bed and revenue shares of the UK independent acute medical care hospital sector (excluding day only operators/facilities) by ownership group, 2015–2016
  • EBITDAR margin and pre-tax profit/loss margin for major for-profit hospital operating companies – latest accounting period, and previous year shown in brackets
  • New independent acute medical care facilities in the UK by region, service type (full-service or specialist) and treatment type (inpatient/day/outpatient), from 2014 onwards UK private acute medical care market value by component, and real value index, 1995-2013 & 2014 Projection

Plus many more…


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