LaingBuisson and BKR Care Consultancy are pleased to announce a partnership to provide CQC-type and Ofsted-type inspections across England, Wales and Scotland.

Inspections are conducted by a highly experienced, 26-strong inspection team that have undertaken more than 300 inspections. They include former CQC inspectors, senior managers, former Heads of Safeguarding, mental health specialists, acute care specialists, former Ofsted inspectors and educational specialists. We work with providers, lenders and advisors providing impartial and robust mock inspections to support service improvement, commercial due diligence and risk management.

Henry Elphick, CEO of LaingBuisson said:

“LaingBuisson’s partnership with BKR represents an important development in our consultancy offering. Independent inspections provide our clients with a valuable way of managing risk and ensuring the integrity of their due diligence as advisors and gaining a whole-market perspective on how a facility is doing. BKR’s expertise provides useful information which supports a range of business decisions.”

Bhavna Keane-Rao, Lead Consultant and Founder of BKR Care Consultancy said:
“Working with LaingBuisson we look forward to broadening the range of clients for our inspections and enhancing the services that we offer.  We have a well-proven model with a broad range of experience across different care and education services, which ensures we gauge the performance of services with a perspective informed by providers from across the whole market. With no personal relationships, our inspections can be trusted as entirely independent.”

To find out more about the services provided by LaingBuisson BKR download our brochure here.



About BKR Care Consultancy Ltd

BKR Care Consultancy provides a complete package of interventions to improve the quality of care provided and ensure safe and effective care is delivered in expertly designed buildings by well-trained and supported staff. The company works with a range of care providers and local authorities across England, Wales and Scotland to support best practice initiatives and develop a safer care environment. The company offers a range of services, including those which can support providers following the outcome of a CQC-type and Ofsted-type inspection such as crisis management to stabilise a service.

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