Market Intelligence

Sector knowledge is at the heart of what we do. We inform clients about their markets with sector reports, news delivered online and in print from our 2 market news magazines, Care Markets and Healthcare Markets, policy updates from our policy forum Public Policy Projects, conferences and events

  • In depth market reports, covering all key markets in health and social care
  • Market news, with in depth analysis and unique market data
  • Policy insights from our Westminster think tank, Public Policy Projects
  • Events covering investing, markets and real estate
  • Awards recognising the leading providers and advisors


We advise leading healthcare clients on the full spectrum of market analysis, covering policy, market and marketing data, strategy, operations and organisation. We provide knowledgeable, fact-based insight to make the right choices and implement strategies successfully.

  • Mock CQC and OFSTED inspections
  • Market data consulting
  • Communication solutions
  • Policy, market, operational and strategic consulting and commercial due diligence
  • Human capital due diligence
    • Management referencing
    • Market talent mapping
    • Pay benchmarking and Board compensation surveys

Data Solutions

Our data solutions are based on extensive proprietary databases accessed via a suite of unique cloud based solutions to deliver sophisticated insights to our clients. We continue to invest in data analytics using data mining, Bayesian analysis and machine learning.

  • The largest Government, local authority, NHS and independent health, social care and education provider organisation and contact database in the UK
  • Pay benchmarking database
  • Consumer portal
  • Care quality portal CareMonitor
  • Care provider comparison portal CareSearch
  • Market model CareSustain
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