Market Intelligence

Knowledge is at the heart of what we do. Our consultants write over 20 regularly updated market reports on health and social care, our market journals provide monthly news and analysis and share policy updates from our government policy consultancy and we host conferences and awards

  • Market reports - in depth analysis of key markets in health and social care
  • Market journals - Care Markets, Healthcare Markets and International Medical Travel Journal
  • Policy -  thought leadership pieces and policy insight from our independent government policy consultancy, Public Policy Projects
  • Conferences - regional, national and international conferences, seminars and roundtables covering individual markets, investing and real estate
  • Awards - recognising the leading providers and advisors


We advise leading health and social care clients on the full spectrum of market analysis, covering quality, data, policy, markets and human capital. We provide knowledgeable, fact-based insight to make the right choices and implement strategies successfully. We often work in partnership with leading strategy and management consulting firms.

  • Quality - mock CQC and Ofsted type inspections
  • Data - market and marketing data consulting
  • Policy - policy due diligence and consultancy
  • Market - market, strategic and operational consulting and commercial due diligence
  • Human capital - market talent mapping, pay benchmarking, management referencing, board compensation

Data Solutions

Our data solutions are based on our proprietary provider, pay and other datasets and data from our leading B2C websites. The iLaingBuisson portal hosts cloud-based software solutions that enable clients to analyse and export data and deliver sophisticated insights.

Years of
Market analysis


Thirtieth Edition of LaingBuisson’s market-leading review of the UK healthcare sector launched

LaingBuisson has published the 30th edition of its authoritative UK Healthcare Market Review. Comprising all key information relevant to the UK independent health and social care markets, the much-respected Review provides a snapshot of the state of all segments making up the market, and covers:…

Slower growth for independent hospitals buoyed by a strong self-pay market

The market for acute medical care in independent hospitals and clinics (the independent sector + NHS private patient services) was worth an estimated £5.78 billion in 2017, according to market intelligence company LaingBuisson, which has today published the fifth edition of its Private Acute Healthcare…

IVF – a dynamic, innovative and growing market in the UK

The UK fertility market is worth £320m and experiencing accelerating growth according to a newly-published report from healthcare intelligence experts, LaingBuisson. In terms of volume, this amounted to 68,000 in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycles and 13,500 intra uterine insemination (IUI) cycles. The market has enjoyed…

Spending constraints and increased demand create new ways of working in children’s services

The third edition of LaingBuisson’s authoritative Children’s Services report has been published. The market for children and young people’s services in the UK is growing and was valued at £14.1 billion in 2016. This covers special education, fostering, adoption, children’s residential care, safeguarding, guardianship and…

LaingBuisson appoints Head of Business Development and Chief Technology Officer to drive growth

LaingBuisson announces two key appointments to support the business’s expansion. Heidi Nicholson joins as Head of Business Development and Neil Waring as Chief Technology Officer. These appointments reflect the company’s strategy of building on its heritage as the leading healthcare market intelligence provider for health…

LaingBuisson’s InPolicy paper takes a unique look at Regulation

Following from this morning’s Public Policy Project Thought Leadership Breakfast with Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission, LaingBuisson presents a Regulation Special produced in association with its health and care news magazines Care Markets and Healthcare Markets. Download your…

UK Health expenditure now at EU average with contribution from the independent sector continuing to grow

Figures published today by leading healthcare market intelligence provider, LaingBuisson, reveal that UK healthcare spending of £185bn in 2015 continues to be dominated by government expenditure at 80% of all healthcare spend, higher than any other OECD, EU or G7 nation. However, the independent sector…

LaingBuisson and BKR partner to provide independent care and education service inspections and assessments

LaingBuisson and BKR Care Consultancy are pleased to announce a partnership to provide CQC-type and Ofsted-type inspections across England, Wales and Scotland. Inspections are conducted by a highly experienced, 26-strong inspection team that have undertaken more than 300 inspections. They include former CQC inspectors, senior…

Value of independent sector healthcare provision grows by 5% to £45.4 billion, according to latest LaingBuisson figures

Figures published today by healthcare consultancy LaingBuisson reveal that the revenues generated by independent sector (non-statutory) providers across 12 core health and care market segments grew by 5% in 2015 to reach £45.3bn. Growth was led by private acute healthcare, up 8% to £7.8bn (driven…