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Market Analysis

Market Intelligence

Knowledge is at the heart of what we do. Our consultants write over 25 market reports, contribute content to our journals and are content leads for our events.

  • Market Reports - in depth analysis of key markets across healthcare and social care
  • Journals - monthly news and analysis from Care Markets, Healthcare Markets and the International Medical Travel Journal
  • Events - national and international conferences, seminars and roundtables
  • Awards - recognising the leading providers and advisors


We consult across healthcare, social care, medical devices and life sciences, providing knowledgeable fact-based insights to make the right choices and implement strategies successfully. We have worked in more than 25 countries with over 700 organisations, many of whom are repeat clients. They include investors, public authorities, private sector providers and life sciences companies, health insurers, professional advisors, trade associations and the third sector.

We have a network of best friend firms across Europe and the US and also work in partnership with other leading strategy and management consulting firms supporting them with:

  • M&A - sell-side and buy-side commercial due diligence
  • Strategy - strategic and management consulting
  • Policy - consultancy and due diligence
  • Data - market mapping and data gathering
  • Quality - service accreditation and inspections
  • Human capital - market talent mapping, pay benchmarking, management referencing, board compensation

Data Solutions

Our data solutions are based on our proprietary provider, pay and other datasets and data from our leading B2C websites. Our iLaingBuisson® portal hosts cloud-based software solutions that enable clients to analyse and export data and deliver sophisticated insights.

  • CareSearch - provider market database
  • CareMonitor - care quality database
  • CareCostBenchmarks - care home cost model
  • CareDirectory - provider financials and contacts

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