Care Homes For Older People UK Market Report 34ed

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What the report covers

  • Overall market value, and key market sub-segments
  • Historic market growth
  • Future market growth
  • Demand and supply
  • Operational metrics – cost and occupancy rates
  • Care home fees across care modalities, and payor-type, at national and local levels
  • Staffing
  • Operational models
  • Government policy and regulation
  • Payors
  • Investment models
  • Performance measures
  • Major providers
  • Market structure
  • Investors
  • Market potential

Who is the report for

  • Operators of residential care and nursing homes
  • Nursing agency operators
  • Homecare agencies and providers
  • Private equity and infrastructure investors
  • REITs
  • Developers
  • Directors of adult social services
  • Local authority commissioners
  • Care advisors
  • Management consultants
  • Business advisors
  • Long-term care insurance providers
  • Central government
  • Think tanks
  • Policy writers


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Care home fees up nearly 20% in two years – Understand what this means at both national and local levels

The thirty-fourth edition of LaingBuisson’s Care Homes for Older People UK Market Report is indispensable reading for advisors, operators, investors, commissioners, and policymakers involved in this dynamic and changing market. The report provides a robust credibility check on key questions for those interested in investing in the sector or who are looking to understand the impact of change at both a national and local level.

Care Homes for Older People UK Market Report provides a data-driven view of the shifting landscape for care home operators and those looking to invest in the market and paints a picture of a sector where care home fees are rising rapidly, in both the public-pay and private-pay markets. These fee uplifts are taking place at a time when the risks from the implementation of social care charging reforms appears to be receding and where funding reforms appears off the table for both the Conservative and Labour Party ahead of a general election.

LaingBuisson has found that the overall market value for the sector has rebounded to more than £23 billion by December 2023, after having dipped to £17.4 billion in March 2021 during the Covid pandemic.

Our deep insights into market value come with heat maps of fee rates across different care modalities, and for both private and public pay, to give a clear picture of change across England. This is overlaid with wider assessments of local profitability, supply and demand factors, capacity changes and occupancy levels, as well as comprehensive data across all the factors influencing business decisions.

For convenience and accessibility, the underlying data can be purchased in an Excel workbook alongside the market report. This allows businesses to port our unique data straight into their own analysis, whether to understand local commissioning, support strategic planning or decision-making on asset selection.

For those interested in the wider social care sector, read together with LaingBuisson’s Market Reports on Homecare and Supported Living, Adult Specialist Care, and Children Services, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the social care market in the UK that cannot be found anywhere else.

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