LaingBuisson has published the 30th edition of its authoritative UK Healthcare Market Review.

Comprising all key information relevant to the UK independent health and social care markets, the much-respected Review provides a snapshot of the state of all segments making up the market, and covers:

• Private Acute Medical Care
• Health Cover
• Care Homes for Older People
• Adult Specialist Care
• Homecare and Supported Living
• Mental Health Hospitals
• Children’s Residential Care
• Foster Care
• Special Education
• Childcare
• Dentistry
• Primary Care
• Occupational Health Services
• Community Health Services
• Retail Pharmacy

It also includes commentary on healthcare expenditure in context; non-government financing of healthcare; the political and regulatory environment; private equity; and significant events in healthcare since 2000.

Information included in the report includes current market value and capacity, recent trends, market concentration, leading players and funding sources, and key issues for the future. The report aims to provide a clear and concise overview of the role of private payers and independent sector providers, alongside the public sector, in the funding and delivery of UK health and care services.

The data collected for LaingBuisson surveys is provided to the Office for National Statistics to inform their healthcare expenditure statistics and also their household expenditure statistics. This data is in turn submitted to the OECD, WHO and Eurostat.

William Laing, Founder of LaingBuisson and Director of Data, said:

“We are proud to launch the thirtieth edition of our UK Healthcare Market Review and that in the three decades that this report has been available, it has established itself as a ‘go-to’ document to inform providers, advisers and decision-makers in the UK healthcare market.

It, furthermore, offers insight into the far wider work of LaingBuisson, the richness of the data we gather and the depth of the research reflected in the individual market reports which in turn inform the UK Healthcare Market Review. The Review also looks at the political and regulatory landscape in which healthcare operates and the level of private equity interest as well in the market. This is a valuable oversight document for anyone interested in UK healthcare and social care.”


UK healthcare market breakdown, 2017


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