Digital Health UK Market Report

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What the report covers

  • Market
  • Politics and regulation
  • Payors
  • Major providers
  • Investors
  • Market potential
  • Covid-19

Who is the report for

  • CEOs and Boards of NHS Trusts and independent healthcare providers
  • CIOs/CTOs of NHS Trusts and independent healthcare providers
  • Procurement leads in NHS Trusts
  • Regulators
  • Large IT suppliers
  • Healthcare IT start-ups
  • Banks and investors
  • Management consultants
  • Business advisors
  • Central government
  • Think tanks
  • Policy writers

What You Get

  • Print package – Single-user Printed Book
  • Digital package – Multi-user Digital PDF and Data in Excel + Printed Book

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Is IT investment sufficient to sustain a long-term digital health revolution beyond Covid-19?

LaingBuisson has published the second edition of its Digital Health UK Market Report. Containing new and rebased data, the report provides the most accurate picture of the market available and gives full consideration to the impact that the pandemic has had on the adoption (or not) of different technologies, cutting through the myth to shine a light on the reality.

“Covid-19 has undoubtedly accelerated digital transformation in healthcare and technology is being used more than ever. This offers the opportunity for healthcare providers to transform their services, not only in terms of efficiency but also offering patients choice. This in turn creates opportunities for investors and suppliers.  “While take up of new technology during the pandemic is beyond the expectations we would have had for 2020 this time last year, there still remains the challenge of using and scaling the technologies that exist and ensuring their penetration across all areas of the market, let alone of introducing further technology. For all the increased interest in the benefits technology can offer healthcare, investment in NHS IT remains insufficient and take up of technology remains patchy in some sectors of the market, notably social care. While these shortcomings have been highlighted by the pandemic and should provide impetus for change, whether there is the money and appetite for sustainable digital transformation in UK healthcare remains in question.”

Martin Bell, report author

The report is vital reading to anyone with an interest in this emerging market, be they an investor, an advisor, a large corporate supplier, a health tech start-up, or someone working within procurement or IT within the healthcare sector.

The report offers insight on how Covid-19 has taken digital health on its journey to maturity and asks if this will be sustainable. Even with the boost received during the pandemic, NHS IT investment remains insufficient. The average UK health organisation spends just 2% per annum on IT. This figure is closer to 8% in the US and most of Northern Europe. While there has been investment in video consultations and data gathering and analysis, not to mention the contact tracing app, there has been a downturn in spending on technology without immediate relevance to the pandemic during 2020.

The report contains the latest available data and expert insights on:

  • Patient Admission Systems (PAS)
  • Electronic Patient Records/Electronic Medical Records (EPR/EMR)
  • Specialist clinical systems
  • Digital apps
  • Wearables
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Interoperability across systems and sectors
  • Pathology and radiology

It also provides insight into the UK’s largest purchaser of digital health, the NHS, how it works, how it is funded, its regulation and political considerations.

Published: 12th January 2021 (253pp)

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