Children’s Nurseries. 13th Edition


The thirteenth edition of our report on the children's daycare nurseries sector includes key statistics and expert analysis of past, present and future market trends. (168pp)

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“Demand for children’s nursery services in the UK picked up well in 2013/14 as an improved economy and an expansion of government subsidised places saw many more children attend nurseries during the year taking market value up 4% in real terms to £4.9bn.” Philip Blackburn – Report author


This report presents timely key statistics and expert analysis of past, present and future market trends in the children’s daycare nurseries sector, the largest childcare market in the UK.

Based on a wide range of sources including LaingBuisson’s 2014 survey of children’s daycare nurseries, the report offers unique data on UK market values, covering capacity, occupancy, nursery fees and market spending, staffing pay rates, and corporate penetration.


Exclusive LaingBuisson Data & Authoritative Commentary & Analysis On

  • Key market statistics
  • Current trend analysis
  • Market futures
  • Corporatisation trend
  • Impact of coalition policy


What You Get

  • Hard copy printed report
  • Digital back up in the form of a fully-searchable PDF
  • Accompanying Microsoft Excel file.


Report Format

Executive Summary & Highlights

  • Children’s nursery market overview
  • Key economic & business trends
  • Market futures
  • Structure of the market
  • Review of government policy


UK Children’s Nursery Services & Childcare

  • Demand drivers for nursery services and childcare – population, births and employment trends
  • Childcare choices and preferences including trends over time and main barriers


Nursery Sector Capacity & Attendance

  • Total UK capacity and attendance, growth trends and distribution of attendance
  • Growth/contraction in net capacity (new capacity less sector closures)
  • Attendance based occupancy trends
  • Nursery vacancies and vacancy based occupancy, including regional breakdown and occupancy for nursery groups


Price of Children’s Nursery Care

  • Nursery fees for 2014 across sectors (private, third & public sectors & nursery groups)
  • Annual growth/change in nursery fees (price/fee inflation)


Value Of UK Children’s Nursery Market & Market Funding

  • Total spending on children’s daycare nursery services in UK
  • Value by sector – sole trader/partnerships, companies, third sector and public sector
  • Growth in UK children’s nursery market spending over time
  • Funding by source – private individuals, companies, government (direct and indirect subsidy) and miscellaneous
  • Early years entitlement funding (2, 3 & 4 years) –  average funding by local authority and yearly changes in funding


Industry Structure & Corporatisation

  • Current structure of the provider side of the market, key structural changes and breakdown of for-profit and not-for-profit providers
  • List of Top 40 major children’s nursery groups by supply and market shares
  • Profitability of leading nursery providers, and detailed review of major nursery groups
  • Corporatisation trends – business conditions, consolidation and acquisition/merger activity
  • New development activity and investment
  • Key issues faced by nursery businesses, and nursery business strategies


Government Policy & Future Nursery Scenarios

  • Review of childcare and early years policy in the 1990s and 2000s (Conservatives and Labour)
  • Impact of Coalition policies on the UK children’s nursery sector

Nursery market futures

Nursery Staffing & Pay Rates

  • Staffing levels by employee type (full-time, part-time & permanent, temporary)
  • Average pay rates by occupation type (manager, EYP, nursery nurse, nursery assistant and domestic), regional pay trends and nursery group pay rates
  • Annual wage inflation trends for the nursery sector


Financial Appendix

  • Detailed analysis of the statutory accounts of major providers


Exclusive LaingBuisson tables & figures include:
bar graphs

  • Value (Market size) of UK children’s nursery market by supply sector, 2013/14
  • Real change (%) in UK market values (children’s nurseries, GDP, & consumer spending) 2008-2013/14
  • Value of the UK children’s nursery sector at 2013/14 constant prices, 1990-2013/14
  • Funding of UK children’s nursery market by purchasing sector, 2013/14
  • Capacity of UK children’s nursery sector, January 2002 – mid-2014
  • Attendance based occupancy rates, UK January 2002 – mid-2014
  • Occupancy and vacancy rates, UK January 2002 – June 2014
  • Vacancy rates and vacancy based occupancy rates, UK January 2002 – mid-2014
  • Vacancy rates and vacancy based occupancy rates by UK region, mid-2014
  • Breakdown of total children attending day nurseries per day by attendance pattern in mid-2014
  • Average UK full-day nursery fees by sector, mid-2014
  • Average UK full-day nursery fees by region, mid-2014
  • Annual nursery fee inflation and economy inflation (RPI), 2001-2013/14
  • Breakdown of UK nurseries and places, and market shares at mid-2014
  • Nurseries & places operated by Top 40 UK major providers & market shares, at September 2014
  • Revenue & profit/(loss) (EBITDAR, EBITDA, EBIT & Pre-tax profit/(loss)) of major nursery companies in the UK, 2012-2014
  • Details of major children’s nursery group transactions between 2001 and 2014
  • Average hourly pay rates for nursery staff and wage inflation, UK, mid-2013 – mid-2014
  • Average hourly pay rates for nursery managers and nursery nurses by region, mid-2014
  • Annual nursery wage inflation and economy inflation (RPI), 2002-2014
  • Employment rate for mothers with very young children (aged under 3 years), and female employment rate, UK 2003-2013
  • Formal childcare usage, female employment rate, & female unemployment rate by region in England, 2013
  • Parents reasons for choosing day nursery services for pre-school children, 2012-2013
  • Expectations for business conditions over the next 12 months at mid-2014
  • Penetration of specialised services across UK children’s nurseries at mid-2014Plus many more…