Mental Health Hospitals and Community Mental Health Services. 2nd Edition


The second edition of LaingBuisson’s breakdown of the independent mental health hospital sector and its partner community services marketplace. Published 17 February 2016 (180pp).

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Report Contents and Figures

The mental health sector has not been challenged by government austerity as severely as other areas of the healthcare environment, largely because the NHS has not been subject to the same swingeing cuts in budgets as local authorities.”

William Laing  – Director and report author



The independent mental health hospital sector is long established as a source of alternative supply for the NHS, with approaching a third of all acute, secure and step-down beds and a particularly strong position in highly specialised niche services which supplement the generic services which form the bulk of in house NHS provision. Latest intelligence from LaingBuisson warns, however, that demand from the NHS (which accounts for over 70% of providers’ revenue) is subject to a longer term ebb and flow, as in-house provision still remains NHS commissioners’ default choice. The demand ‘tide’ has been flowing in favour of independent mental health hospitals in the last few years because of a declining trend in NHS in-house capacity, but there is a risk that this trend may be halted or reversed.


Exclusive LaingBuisson + Authoritative Commentary & Analysis On

  • Key market statistics
  • Market structure
  • NHS commissioning
  • PMI & Self-pay
  • Demand & supply
  • Political & regulatory environment
  • Profitability
  • Profiles of Major Providers
  • SWOT analysis


What You Get

  • Hard copy printed report
  • Single-user digital back up PDF
  • Accompanying Microsoft Excel file
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Report Format

Executive Summary & Highlights

  • Market segmentation by patient type
  • Key trends & developments
  • Opportunities & challenges going forward

Prevalence of Mental Illness

Market Definitions

  • Mental health hospitals
  • Community mental health services

Mental Health Hospitals

  • Market size & growth; capacity & demand
  • NHS demand
  • PMI

Segmentation by Patient Group – Market Profiles

  •  Secure treatment
  • Locked rehab
  • Eating disorders
  • Brain injury & neuro-rehabilitation
  • Substance misuse
  • Learning disabilities

Purchasing Dynamics

  • Centrally purchased ‘prescribed’ specialised services
  • Locally purchased services
  • NHS monopsony power
  • NHS reference costs
  • Downward pressure on prices
  • ‘Lazy’ NHS commissioning from in-house providers
  • Specialisation a source of provider strength
  • Balance of purchaser / provider power
  • SWOT analysis
  • PMI & self-pay

Market Structure & Profitability

  • Business models – strengths & weaknesses
  • Market concentration & consolidation
  • Profitability
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Profile of major players

Community Mental Health Services

  • Scale of the marketplace
  • NHS focus on assertive outreach, CRHT and early intervention
  • Current extent of outsourcing
  • Emerging mental health opportunities from commissioning reforms
  • Improving access to IAPT

Public Funding of Mental Health Services

  • Funding trends over the last decade
  • Future funding prospects

Government Policy, Legislation & Regulation

  • Policy
  • Legislation – Health & Social Care Acts 2008, 2012
  • Regulation of the independent sector in England
  • Mental Health Act 2007

Financial Appendix

  • Granular analysis of statutory accounts of major groups with comparative data for up to five years


Exclusive LaingBuisson Tables & Figures Include:

  • bar graphsGlobal independent mental health hospital market size in value and capacity, UK 1988-2015
  • Mental health hospital bed capacity by provider sector (NHS and independent), UK 1993-2015
  • Independent sector / NHS shares of selected segments of the mental health hospital market, UK 2015
    • Secure services
    • Locked rehab
    • CAMHS
    • Brain injury
    • Substance misuse
    • Learning disabilities
  • Leading providers of mental health and learning disability hospital services by bed capacity, UK 2015
  • Value of independent sector mental health hospital market segments by patient type and security level, UK 2015
  • Public and private payment sources for independent mental health hospitals, UK 2015
  • Segmentation of independent mental health hospital revenue by central and local NHS commissioning budgets, England 2015
  • Market concentration, independent mental health hospitals, 2015 (beds) & 2014 (revenue)
  • Independent mental health hospital capacity by ownership group, UK hospitals & beds 2015
  • Recent financial results of major for-profit mental health hospital groups in the UK
  • EBITDAR as a percentage of revenue for leading independent sector providers 2010-15
  • Detained patients resident in mental health hospitals at March (1999-2015) England
  • Admissions of detained patients, year ending March (2000-2015), England
  • NHS gross expenditure on mental health services inclusive of service administration overheads, England 2004/05 to 2014/15

Plus many more…